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Promotional Company Headbands

Stop and think about how many different events your company has each year. You have marketing events, product events, and other special events inside your organization. You can’t help but wonder – are people remembering these events? Do they have a sense of together-ness with the brand that you are building? Will that one client remember you after they walk out the big expo doors?

One of the best custom promo products are headbands embroidered with your logo on them.

promotional company headbands


“It’s so cool!” is what you’ll hear most people scream. A lot of promotional managers don’t even know promo headbands are possible. At an event, if everyone is wearing your headband it can be a big deal. Trust me.

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Customized Head Bands for Schools

customized headbands for schools

Have a school spirit shop? If so customized headbands are a great item to sell. The cotton logo headbands will shine light on a unique product opportunity that most schools just don’t take advantage of. The kids love headbands. You’ll see them wearing them at the football or basketball game to show their spirit.

If you have artwork, it will be embroidered directly onto the spirit headbands. The sweatbands for your head will be a great addition for your school shop. To find out more info click on the shop button above.

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Headbands with a Gym’s Logo

Do you own or run a gym? Imagine that you could put your logo on a head sweatband. That is no longer a fantasy – you can! You can make quite the profit as well from selling these as merchandise.

headbands with athletic club logo

Making headbands personalized to your athletic club is as easy as sending your logo over and putting an order though. The logo will either be embroidered or woven label depending on its complexity. Most simple, straight forward logos are embroidered.

The great part about selling headbands is your members will actually use them. By doing this they will further promote your club and have a sense of belonging. Trust me, nothing is better than spreading the word about your gym which exist to get people into shape and feel good about themselves.

Learn more about custom sweatbands.

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Customized Headbands, Personalized With Your Brand Artwork

Customized headbands, with personalized embroidered logo

Many brands have taken advantage of promotional efforts with customized products ranging from lanyards to hot air balloons. But, most brands fall under a certain strict money flow. What do you do when you only have so much dough to work with?

For many creative and unique brands, customized headbands is the answer. Headbands can now be personalized with your brands artwork or design, making them easy (and efficient) to pass out to your customers. The custom headbands will work well at anything from musician concert to a sporting event. Headbands are a type a sweatband, which have been hip since the 70’s.Musicians, especially, are surprised by the popularity that putting their logo on a headband can have. Many fans will wear it right away simply because of how unique it is.

If you are branding a new clothing line for a certain category, find a few relevant conference or expos. Once you know which one fits the best try and get a booth. At your booth hand out the headbands you customized for free. This type of brand promo has the potential to generate a lot of buzz.

Learn More: Custom On It

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Basketball – Improve your visibility

custom headbands

The one thing about basketball that never changes is sweat. At a high level of activity EVERYONE sweats. Sometime, believe it or not, this can affect your game in a negative way if you don’t take proper precautions.

Using headbands and wristbands will prevent sweat from dripping down to your eyes and hands. This is turn will prevent slip ups and greatly include your visions. If you are like me you hate the fact that sweat burns when it hits your eyes also. To buy headbands click on the shop link above!

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Soccer – Use Your Head


Headbands can be extremely beneficial in the sport of soccer. The reason? Well while your running and kicking with all that foot-eye coordination – sweat starts to build up. When it builds up around your forehead, it begins to drip down to your eyes, and when sweat drips down on your eyes you have blurred vision.

blurred vision

The last thing you want in the sport of soccer is blurred vision. Just look at the picture above…you won’t know what is going on. Which brings us to our solution…



Yes, headbands will stop all that sweat from dripping down and bluring your vision. Headbands come in all kinds of different colors and you can also customize them with your logo or text. To check out the options click on the shop button above.

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Cotton Headbands Improve Your Basketball Game

cotton headbands

I know what your thinking. How can something external really even affect how well I perform? In the case of cotton headbands, it’s fairly simple. Headbands will keep sweat from rolling into your eyes during the game. If you play basketball you know that it can be very tough and annoying to keep having to wipe the sweat out of your eyes. Not to mention, no one likes that burning sensation you get from sweat in your eyes. It’s interesting how much head bands can actually take the stress off when playing your heart out. If sweat is an issue for your than you’ll notice a difference instantly.

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Headbands With Your Custom Artwork

Only a few years back it was tough to get headbands created with your artwork. It was stressful, you had to make calls, have the right catalog, and hope that they turned out as your wanted them to. Thankfully those days are over and you can begin to buy custom headbands with ease because they are widely available. Custom On It, the company with the best quality headbands, will show you a digital image proof before you even place an order. The quality standards they have are second to none when it comes to designing and producing custom products. You can view their work here –


Plan Ahead

It’s always good to plan months ahead of your event when purchasing custom products. The same applies to headbands with your artwork. This is good not only because you’ll have your products a few weeks in advance, but it will also give you peace of mind instead of rushing.

Get started on headbands today!   –

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Head Bands To Stop Sweat

custom head bands

If your like me, you simply can’t stand when sweat starts rolling down your forehead and into your eyes. If your playing a sport or doing a physical activity this affects your vision greatly, not to mention it burns pretty bad as well. This is where head bands come in to really help absorb that sweat and not let it affect your game. When playing sports like basketball, soccer, tennis, and others your vision is extremely important and should be taken seriously. The good news about headbands is that can also be customized with your organizations artwork or logo. Custom head bands that are cotton will absorb sweat better than any other accessory. SerTop carries custom head bands and sweatbands for these very needs.

Buy Custom Head Bands.

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Custom Headbands – A Creative Promotional Approach


How can custom headbands benefit your company? As a unique and creative promotional item, custom head bands are used in various ways to make people more aware of your company. Take the following example. Your organization is attending a very big event and you have a booth. It’s very exciting and you’ve put a lot of hard work into managing the products you are going to sell. What would be the icing on the cake? Well it would be two things. One is a way for people to remember your company after they leave the event. The other is not thought about often – to promote yourself within the event. Consider this – you end up ordering 100 custom headbands with your artwork. You give out 50 headbands to people interested in your products. Now there is a potential of 50 people walking around with head bands on that have your logo embroidered onto them. That’s what promotional guru’s call presence at an event. People will automatically wonder where the headbands came from, they will make eye contact with your logo, they will be FORCED to because there will be so many people wearing them!

Get started on custom headbands!

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